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Construction Superintendant

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Tampa- St Pete, FL
$75,000 - $85,000
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Direct Hire
May 03, 2017
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Our Client is one of America’s largest privately held real estate companies. Our client owns and manages over 700 properties encompassing over 40 million square feet in 38 states. The diverse portfolio includes retail, office, industrial, hotel, residential, and land holdings.

Construction Superintendent                                                                                                     
General Summary
Oversee construction at multiple sights and take direct responsibility for organizing, supervising, maintaining schedules, planning, coordinating field operations on a daily basis to maximize cost efficiency and motivate employees as directed by the Project Manager/ Director.
Principle Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Study contract drawings and specifications in detail.  Check all dimensions and bring all discrepancies and omissions to the attention of designers and Project Supervisor.  Study all contracts and bid packages. Assist management in the selection of contractors for the right job at the right price. Bring new vendor information to the attention of the Project Supervisors. Promptly verify existing conditions as requested by the estimator. 
  1. Coordinate and communicate with the Planning Department throughout the entire project in regards to permitting, unforeseen conditions, drawing revisions, inspection and code issues, issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance, corrective sketches, etc.
  1. Verify the subcontractor work scope by reading the purchase order and all back-up provided to you by the Project Supervisor. Notify the Project Supervisor or any “gaps” in subcontractor scope of work descriptions for clarification and resolution. Coordinate the use of shop drawings and construction drawings in the field.  Make sure subcontractors are always using the correct drawings.
  1. Complete the existing conditions survey immediately upon receiving the DCP.  Identify as many existing conditions that can be addressed in the bid phase so any related work can be included in the final buy-out scope of work in an attempt to keep Change Orders to a minimum.  Maximize our buying power during the contract award phase.
  1. Complete realistic construction schedules with the Project Supervisor, distribute the schedule to all subcontractors and enforce it through communication and subcontractor “buy-in” to what needs to be done in order to succeed, taking 100% ownership of assigned construction projects, regardless of what stage the project is in. 
  1. Monitor progress of construction.  Review schedule status with Project Manager weekly.  Use information to analyze operations and improve efficiency; monitor progress, productivity and methods utilized to expedite work. Take weekly progress photos of every job and turn them in for distribution.  Inspect subcontractor work to verify quality and conformance to the construction documents. Review the construction drawings, documents and contract scopes of work to determine if the company is entitled to any credits. Review, approve and/or dispute T&M sheets on a daily basis as they are turned in to your by the subcontractors.  Meet utility company reps on-site to coordinate Building Shell and Tenant utility services. Expedite material and equipment orders in a timely fashion to insure “just in time inventory.”
  1. Plan, coordinate and direct efficient use of all labor, equipment, materials, subcontractors/ material suppliers to achieve the highest quality at the least possible cost. Ensure that foreman and their crewmembers understand clearly what they should be doing each day.  Review with subcontractors daily the schedule, crews, methods and safety issues. Quantify and evaluate daily productivity for maximum efficiency and safety.  Evaluate the effectiveness and evaluate the performance of field personnel/ subcontractors and their crews. Allocate adequate resources to the work force so they have the best possible chance of achieving project goals.
  1. Communicate with all those involved throughout the entire project. Send email notifications to the Project Supervisor and associated Administrative Assistant when you are authorizing a subcontractor to proceed with T&M work.  Communicate with subcontractors/contractors continuously, conduct and oversee on site meetings, make subcontractor suggestions to the Project Supervisor and insure project is completed on time and per all building and cost  specifications. Advise the Project Supervisor if a subcontractor is unable to maintain the project schedule and the reason why. Make recommendations to the project supervisor regarding stance to take. Share information with the other Superintendents.  Discuss on-site activities (what works and what doesn’t) to develop the best strategy for moving forward. Notify the Project Supervisor of any additional work requested by the Tenant. Obtain authorization from the Project Supervisor before you allow the subcontractors to do the work.
  1. Coordinate and communicate with other company departments in a positive and team atmosphere, including the Site Construction and Property Management. Provide Property Management the opportunity to watch the construction as it progresses and ask any & all questions.  Coordinate construction activities with tenant representative to minimize impact on their operations while obtaining a high degree of construction efficiency.
  1. Set up and utilize the “mobile office” truck set to insure the proper tools, computers, supplies and materials are available at the job site.  Ensure the office is maintained properly and legal, including all posters, and construction information required. 
  1. Coordinate Tenant Openings with Property Management. Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy and/or Certificate of Compliance for each project.  Punch out projects in a timely manner. 
  1. Promote and insure jobsite safety. 
  1. Organize and file all pertinent information and documents associated with a project in the correct folders within the construction department. Review all incoming paperwork from the field/ subcontractors for accuracy; completion, legibility and consistency. Assemble as-built drawings and information and turn it in to the Project Supervisor for final distribution, scanning and storage
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

5 years minimum experience in commercial construction supervision.  Comprehensive knowledge of trade skills and application, crews and methods.  Thorough understanding of all building trades disciplines.  Record of accomplishment of supervising multiple mid to large commercial construction projects.  Associates degree in construction related field or engineering desired but not required.

Work under the direction of the Director of Construction and Project Supervisors. Continuous communications with Contractors and municipality officials to determine problems, needs analysis and review overall scope of projects. Communicate with Executive management to discuss project development. Supervise work of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.
Physical requirements
Normal dexterity required in maintenance/ laborer environment including hand-eye coordination, walking, sitting, standing, alertness (attention to detail); computer input.  May require lifting of materials weighing up to 50 pounds.  Extensive sitting and driving for extended periods of time to get to locations, and walking to perform inspection of locations.  Utilization of power and hand tools.

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