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New York, NY
$60 - $70
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Direct Hire
Apr 17, 2017
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Organisational placement     
Reports to the District Manager 

General description of position      
Responsible for daily operation and performance of the store and for compliance with concept and other guidelines.  
The Store Manager is visible and accessible in the store to both staff and customers.  
  • Specific success criteria     
  • Financial targets 
  • Revenue & Profit 
  • Payroll 
  • Average sales 
  • Traffic & Conversion     Managerial targets 
  • Staff turnover rates 
  • Trained & developed staff 
  • Staff promotion rates 
Areas of responsibility     Operations 
•    Punctual ordering of merchandise in the right volume 
•    Minimisation of shrinkage and execution of annual stocktaking 
•    Inventory administration and proper goods reception 
•    Managing accurate and appropriate inventory levels 
•    Action-taking based on KPI report 
•    Responsible for daily, weekly and monthly routines and reports 
•    Security in connection with handling valuables and minimizing cash differences 
•    Efficient stocking and effective displaying of merchandise Sales and concept 
•    Relating to the products and knowing the story behind them 
•    Readying store for sales 
•    Implementation of sales planning and analysis 
•    Working actively with campaign merchandise 
•    Compliance with the concept and ensuring a dynamic store with inspiring displays 
•    Living and breathing for Tiger Service and ensuring a high level of service in the store Management 
•    Leading from the front of the store and engaging and inspiring others with his/her passion for Flying Tiger and retail 
•    Developing a Sales Culture that drives revenue & is rooted in the Brand/Concept 
•    Assuming ownership and acting as though he/she owns the store 
•    Talent retention, development and attraction 
•    Ongoing adjustment of staffing schedules to ensure budget compliance 
•    Compliance with procedures and guidelines 
•    Staff meeting preparations, implementation and follow-up 
•    Maintaining varied working hours in order to be visible to all staff and to get a sense of the store’s rhythm 
•    Participation in district meetings 


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